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The archeological site of Agia Triada is located three kilometers south of Phaistos, on the river Geropotamos.

Excavations that began in 1903 revealed one of the most remarkable archeological sites of Crete, which is spread along the northern slope of the hill of Agios Georgios Galatas in a landscape of exceptional beauty.

According to the findings, the settlement was inhabited around the 3rd millennium BC. and began to flourish around 1750 – 1490 BC, when a fairly imposing, luxurious and elegant palace was founded there. It seems, however, that it was destroyed and in its place over the years various buildings were built, such as the Minoan Royal Villa, a Mycenaean-style mansion.

In addition to the mansion, the excavations revealed the Agora, the Settlement and the Cemetery of the Holy Trinity, but also numerous and remarkable objects of the palace, such as ceramics of exceptional craftsmanship and decoration, a very remarkable arch of Linear B, three stone carved vases, copper, a large number of seals and of course the famous sarcophagus of the Holy Trinity.