Lasithi Plateau Lasithi

Oropedio of Lasithi is one of the three plateaus of Crete (Nida plateau in the Idi Mountain, in Rethimno and the Omalos Plateau in Chania) and 817-900 meters above the Dikti Mountains. It is an oblong plateau, 10 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide. One of the largest rivers in Crete, Aposelemis, flows through the area and ends to the Aposelemi dam.The plateau is surrounded by the high and imposing mountains of the Dikti Mountain, creating a natural fortification to the 18 villages that are built in its perimeter.

DestinationLasithi Plateau, Lasithi
Distance From Kalamaki120km
Distance From Heraklion58km
ActivitiesImposing Mountains, Old Windmills

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